kes metric


Output server metrics.

The output resembles the following:

Request    OK [2xx]       Err [4xx]       Err [5xx]      Req/s        Latency
               9231           14603               0       0.00           13ms
             38.73%          61.27%           0.00%

System       UpTime            Heap           Stack       CPUs        Threads
          142h40m3s           3.1MB           1.0MB          4             19


kes metric           \
    [--insecure, -k] \


--insecure, -k


Directs the command to skip x.509 certificate validation during the TLS handshake with the KES server. This allows connections to KES servers using untrusted certificates (i.e. self-signed or issued by an unknown Certificate Authority).

MinIO strongly recommends against using this option in production environments.


The frequency to scrape metrics for output. Use time in seconds, such as 300s.

If not specified, the default is 5s.


Output metrics at the default scrape rate of every 5 seconds.

kes metric

Scrape and output metrics every 10 minutes, or 600 seconds.

kes metric --rate 600s