Learn the MinIO Way and Become a Data Infrastructure Expert

Grow your career and advance your team with classroom oriented training or self-paced learning options.

Enterprise Administration Training Course

The Course for Production Success with MinIO

Everything you need to know to ensure production success with your MinIO deployment as an administrator of scalable, performant data infrastructure

Certified Administrator - Practitioner Exam
MinIO Certified Administrator Practitioner

The Core Certification to Demonstrate MinIO Skills

The MinIO Certified Administrator - Practitioner exam validates the essential skills required to deploy, secure, and scale a production MinIO object store.

Developer Training Course

Code Success with MinIO

The developer course for MinIO provides the foundation and best practices to develop on or integrate with MinIO

Kubernetes Training Course

Deploy and Manage MinIO at Scale on Kubernetes

Build and manage an enterprise grade Kubernetes based object store leveraging the MinIO Operator

Self-Directed Training

MinIO’s collection of playlists let the developer quickly master key concepts in the MinIO universe - from set-up to notification. Explore topics, gain relevant skills, and get hands on with MinIO.

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What is MinIO?
4 Videos
Object Storage Essentials
New to object storage? In these four videos you’ll learn how object storage works and is different from traditional file and block storage.
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5 Videos
Install and Run MinIO on Linux
Get MinIO up and running quickly in this series of five videos complete with lab instructions
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6 Videos
Install and Run MinIO on Docker
Installing MinIO in a Docker container is a great way to quickly get started with MinIO. This six video with labs series will have you up and running in no time
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11 Videos
MinIO Client (MC) Commands
MinIO was designed from the ground up to leverage powerful, Linux-like command line tools. This series of 11 videos cover the core commands to administrate MinIO from the command line
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11 Videos
MinIO Object Management
Establishing object lifecycle management is a critical component of administering MinIO. In these 11 videos and accompanying hands-on labs you’ll learn how to set up versioning, locking, retention, and replication
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4 Videos
Deploying and Administering MinIO on Kubernetes Using Helm
At the end of this lab focused 4 video series, you will have set up the MinIO Operator and Tenants using Helm
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17 Videos
MinIO for Developers
This course provides experienced developers new to object storage and MinIO with the concepts and hand-on skills to deploy MinIO and use on a local system and how to seamlessly migrate applications into production architectures including cloud and Kubernetes
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12 Videos
This 12 video series will teach you how to leverage MinIO’s Go SDK to execute key functions including connecting to MinIO, creating buckets and managing and watching objects and streams
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10 Videos
MinIO Java SDK
This 10 video series will teach you how to leverage MinIO’s Java SDK to execute key functions including connecting to MinIO, creating buckets and managing objects and streams
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