Splunk SmartStore Optimized for Modern Enterprises

Modernize your Splunk environment by disaggregating storage and compute.

Deploying MinIO for your distributed SmartStore delivers performance at scale - with TiB per second throughput at 100s of Petabytes capacity.

Splunk and Minio
Enhanced Splunk SmartStore Performance

Enhanced Splunk SmartStore Performance

MinIO's exceptional throughput characteristics make it the fastest SmartStore on the market. Choose HDD or NVMe to create the optimal mix of cost and performance. A small 8 node NVMe cluster can drive more than 55 GiB/s throughput.

Optimize the Resiliency of Splunk

Optimize the Resiliency of Splunk

MinIO's inline erasure code and bitrot protection is CPU-optimized to deliver maximum data protection with minimal overhead. The result is fourteen nines of protection with only 33% overhead vs replication which requires 300% or higher.

Massive SmartStore Scale

Massive SmartStore Scale

MinIO's SmartStore implementation scales seamlessly from a single cluster. Each new cluster can be federated with other MinIO clusters to create a global namespace, spanning multiple data centers and geographies.

Improve Splunk’s Operational Efficiency

Improve Splunk's Operational Efficiency

By offloading the state to MinIO, Splunk becomes elastic, containerized and lightweight - the hallmarks of a cloud native application. Add Kubernetes-powered automation and enterprises become more operationally efficient without sacrificing performance. The result is less time managing infrastructure and more time “in the data” finding the insights that drive the business.

Encrypt your SmartStore from end to end

Encrypt your SmartStore from End to End

MinIO's sophisticated server-side encryption schemes protect data in flight and at rest. Further, encrypted objects are tamper-proofed with AEAD server side encryption. Given the exceptionally low overhead, auto-encryption can be turned on for every application and instance.

Open Source and Software Defined

Open Source and Software Defined

MinIO is 100% open source under the Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) and runs completely in userspace. The combination means that enterprises can design solutions using standard hardware that meet their budget requirements while avoiding the vendor lock-in trap generally associated with proprietary appliance vendors.

To learn more about using MinIO with Splunk, download our Splunk-specific papers

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