Search and Index Namespace and Metadata with MinIO Enterprise Object Store Catalog

Leverage MinIO's Enterprise Catalog to explore the metadata of your objects through a GraphQL interface.

The MinIO Enterprise Object Store Catalog feature enables administrators to query object namespace metadata, including prefixes, creation times, sizes, and other vital metadata. It provides a streamlined GraphQL interface integrated within the MinIO Enterprise Console for an efficient and user-friendly real-time metadata querying experience.


The MinIO Enterprise Object Store Catalog addresses the challenges of searching and querying metadata in object storage at scale. Created for our largest customers with exabytes of data under management, MinIO's Enterprise Catalog allows administrators to query the namespace of objects in real time. This enables tasks such as data governance, audit, compliance checks, and other operational analytics that require real-time information on the metadata in object storage.




Query and navigate your entire object storage namespace with ease, even at exabyte scale. MinIO’s Enterprise Catalog was built for our largest customers with performance top of mind. The Enterprise Catalog empowers you to find what you need in seconds, not hours.


The intuitive GraphQL interface makes querying and interacting with object metadata a breeze, using a familiar and user-friendly syntax. Administrators at most levels of technical expertise will be able to query and generate actionable insights.

Seamless Integration

MinIO's Enterprise Catalog integrates seamlessly with the MinIO Enterprise Console, eliminating context switching and streamlining your workflow. Query, report and manage your metadata all from one location.


Forget about external services or databases. MinIO's Enterprise Catalog is a self-contained solution, simplifying setup and maintenance while ensuring reliable metadata access. No longer do administrators have to deal with faulty and imperfect homegrown solutions spread out across many tools that have latency built-in to their product. With the Enterprise Catalog, you can find everything you need in one place.

Real-Time Access

Automatic indexing of uploaded data means there is no delay in accessing the metadata of objects. Leveraging the Enterprise Catalog for real-time access to your metadata empowers crucial tasks like data governance, compliance, and operational workflows.


Optimize space utilization — Quickly identify and manage space usage based on specific object attributes, avoiding inefficient listing processes and saving precious IOPS.

Powerful and Efficient

The MinIO Enterprise Catalog provides a powerful and efficient solution for managing your object metadata, focusing on functionality, performance and user experience.


Ensure your data adheres to industry standards and internal policies with real-time metadata checks. The MinIO Enterprise Catalog simplifies compliance management, saving you time and effort while helping to keep your data and organization compliant.

MinIO's Enterprise Catalog in Action

MinIO’s Enterprise Catalog supercharges analytics on the metadata of objects even at a very large scale. Administrators no longer have to rely on home grown and inadequate solutions, and instead can query the namespace of objects under their management directly in the MinIO Enterprise Console.

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