Run SQL Server 2022 Anywhere

Leverage the power of MinIO to run SQL Server 2022 on any cloud - public, private or edge using the external tables function and polybase.

Any to Any, All the Time.

Query and analyze multiple data sources residing on MinIO with the SQL Server 2022 Data Cloud. Now enterprises can query data residing on MinIO from any SQL Server instance - in the public cloud, the private cloud, even streaming edge instances. This includes AWS, GCP, Azure, Tanzu, OpenShift, HPE Ezmeral, SUSE Rancher and of course traditional bare metal deployments.

Any to Any, All the Time

Connect to Data, Don't Move it.

Using external tables, enterprises can enjoy the full capabilities of SQL Server without incurring the cost of moving data or the challenges of reconciliation once you do.

The Polybase feature allows a user to query data using Transact-SQL directly from not only SQL Server but most other database installations (like Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB, etc.) and now S3 APIs. MinIO provides the unique capability to access all hyperscaler cloud environments. The combination of the two (SQL Server 2022 and MinIO) enables an enterprise to access data and drive insights from data silos that, up until now, were segmented and difficult to combine.

Connect to Data, Don't Move it

Performance at Scale - for all the Enterprise's Data.

With this new capability the enterprise can use SQL Server 2022 on all of the organization’s data - no matter where it resides nor how big the data set. With MinIO’s industry leading performance characteristics, queries can run against massive, multi-petabyte data stores and complete quickly.

This means better utilization for both SQL Server, MinIO instances and the enterprise's data.

Performance at Scale - for all the Enterprise's Data.

Backup and Restore Like You Dream About

One of the core use cases for SQL Server 2022 and MinIO is backup and restore. MinIO supports a wide range of configurations enabling multiple architectures. More importantly, however, if a restore is needed, MinIO's industry leading throughput can turn weeks into hours - because backups aren't useful if they can't be restored quickly.

Backup and Restore Like You Dream About

Secure and Available

To guarantee that the right data is available to the right user, it is imperative that there be fine-grained access control on these multi-cloud data lakes.

For authorization, MinIO’s ability to integrate with 3rd party IDPs ensures that access to the object store is restricted to only those who need it. To authenticate that those users only have access to the specific resources that they need, MinIO’s sophisticated Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) capabilities ensure that this is not an after-thought.

Secure and Available


SQL Server is among the most widely used analytic tools in the enterprise. That makes it a mission critical application in the enterprise.

SQL Server 2022 allows for continuous replication of data to and from the cloud enabling disaster recovery capabilities. The combination with MinIO allows for fast data to reside on NVMe with the ability to tier it to any number of slower tiers. Enterprises can read, write, and process big data using Transact-SQL or Spark libraries, allowing them to easily combine and analyze high-value relational data with non-relational high-volume big data.

MinIO’s active-active, multi-site, strictly consistent replication provides the framework to sustain full cloud failure while keeping data available to SQL Server. SQL Server’s ability to run in Azure or on-prem provides similar functionality.


Stream the Edge

With the addition of the external tables functionality, now enterprises can set up streaming pipelines that persist the data on MinIO - in the cloud or on prem. SQL Server can be configured to execute queries on this data in real time - adding a critical new dimension to the SQL Server experience by eliminating the need for batch imports.

Stream the Edge

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