A Firewall Designed for Data: The MinIO Enterprise Object Store Firewall

Built for data, not the web or applications, MinIO's Enterprise Firewall is S3-aware, lightweight and built for scale. The result is a firewall that makes sense to those responsible for large scale data infrastructure.

Traditional firewalls can be grouped into IP-based firewalls and application firewalls. While they do their jobs well, neither are designed for data. We are in the business of data, and of protecting that data. So we built a firewall for the era of the object store.


The MinIO Enterprise Object Store Firewall has the capability to throttle requests based on bandwidth and requests rate, load balancing traffic across MinIO servers. It offers support for TLS right out of the box using industry standard solutions like Let's Encrypt. In addition, it allows you to monitor Liveness port for high availability, Health Check for load balancing, and support for S3, Console and SFTP endpoints.



Bandwidth Throttling

The MinIO Enterprise Firewall supports flexible rule making. This allows the operator to throttle bandwidth by Rx/Tx or on the request rate on an individual bucket or prefix. This ensures the access rate to the bucket can be controlled ensuring QOS.

External TLS Termination

MinIO supports termination of external TLS directly to the Enterprise Firewall. It can be set up with Auto-TLS which uses Let's Encrypt in the backend to create new certificates for TLS authentication.

Balance Traffic

The MinIO Enterprise Firewall allows you to balance incoming traffic into MinIO clusters across the individual MinIO nodes to ensure traffic is distributed evenly.

High Availability

Liveness port monitoring ensures high availability for critical APIs like S3 or Console. If one of the backends is offline the traffic is automatically rerouted to the other nodes in the cluster.

Support Health Check

Health check for the MinIO Enterprise Firewall monitors for any slowness and degradation of the pools in the cluster.

Multi-Protocol Support

The MinIO Enterprise Firewall supports S3, SFTP and Console endpoints.

MinIO's Enterprise Firewall in Action

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