kes log


Outputs either audit logs or error logs. The output logs the time, status, identity, IP, endpoint, and latency of each request.

Logs continue to output until you stop the process.

The output resembles the following:

Time        Status    Identity                IP                 API                               Latency
14:07:15    404       3ecfcdf38fcbe141ae26            /v1/key/decrypt/my-first-key      142µs
14:07:38    200       3ecfcdf38fcbe141ae26            /v1/key/decrypt/minio-sse-key     299µs


kes log              \
    [--audit]        \
    [--error]        \
    [--insecure, -k] \



Outputs audit logs.

This is the default output for the command if not specified.


Outputs error logs.

--insecure, -k


Directs the command to skip x.509 certificate validation during the TLS handshake with the KES server. This allows connections to KES servers using untrusted certificates (i.e. self-signed or issued by an unknown Certificate Authority).

MinIO strongly recommends against using this option in production environments.



Output the results in JSON format.


Output audit logs.

kes log

Output error logs in JSON format.

kes log --error --json