The World's Most Advanced Object Store. Built for AI.

Built for speed, scale, simplicity, reliability and resilience

MinIO grew to become the most broadly deployed object store on the planet by focusing on what mattered the most to developers, architects and applications. Our commitment to creating a product that "just works" is a function of core principles. The MinIO Enterprise Object store is the epitome of that commitment.

Performance at Scale

MinIO delivers exceptional performance for AI, advanced analytics and other dynamic workloads by leveraging its distributed architecture and object storage capabilities. MinIO's performance scales linearly from 100s of TBs to EBs and beyond. This optimizes the end-to-end workflow, leading to more efficient and responsive applications.


The Scale Required for Training and Inference

The scalability of MinIO allows organizations to expand their storage capacity on-demand, ensuring smooth data access and high-performance computing, essential for the success of AI/ML applications.



MinIO obsession with simplicity stems from its commitment to scalability. Simplicity scales technically, operationally and economically. That is why more F500 companies deploy MinIO than any other object store.



MinIO allows organizations to store vast amounts of data, including log data, training datasets, models, and intermediate results, in a fault-tolerant manner. MinIO ensures that data is always accessible, even in the event of hardware failures or system crashes. With MinIO's distributed architecture and data replication capabilities, workloads can operate seamlessly and continue to deliver even in the face of extreme failure.

MinIO's active-active replication capabilities enable simultaneous access to data across multiple geographically distributed clusters. This is essential for modern workloads because it enhances data availability and performance.


The Cloud as an Operating Model - Starting with S3

MinIO adheres to the cloud operating model - containerization, orchestration, automation, APIs and S3 compatibility. This allows for seamless integration across clouds and cloud types by providing a unified interface for storing and accessing data. Since all modern applications are designed to work with the S3 API, having the best compatibility in the industry matters. With more than 1.5 billion Docker pulls to its name - no object store has more developers and applications validating its compatibility - 24/7/365. This compatibility ensures workflows can access and utilize data stored in MinIO object storage regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure, promoting a flexible and agnostic approach to data management and processing across diverse cloud environments.


To learn more about MinIO, check out the following resources

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