The Core Certification to Demonstrate MinIO Skills

The MinIO Certified Administrator - Practitioner Exam is designed to validate an individual's practical skills in administrating MinIO.

MinIO Certified Administrator - Practitioner


The MinIO Certified Administrator - Practitioner exam validates the essential skills required to deploy, secure, and scale a production MinIO object store.

Exam Description

A professional who has earned the MinIO Certified Administrator - Practitioner certification has demonstrated the knowledge and skills to administrate a production MinIO storage cluster at scale. These skills include deployment, object lifecycle management, replication, security, and recovery, among others.

Job Roles

  • Cloud native storage administrators
  • Site reliability engineers
  • Infrastructure engineers and architects


Exam Subjects and Tasks

  • Configure and Deploy
    • Configure the MinIO Service Environment file
    • Add a TLS certificate
    • Configure object compression
  • Encryption
    • Differentiate between data encryption types
    • Describe the process for deploying data encryption
    • Identify data encryption process steps
    • Describe the process for deploying TLS for network encryption
  • Erasure Code
    • Describe the functionality of erasure coding
    • Deploy a server pool that supports erasure code
    • Configure erasure code parity
    • Describe the impact of erasure set size
  • Events
    • Register an event destination
    • Subscribe to an event notification
  • Lifecycle Management
    • Configure expiration of objects
    • Register a transition tier
    • Configure transition of objects
    • Set up version-based retention of objects
    • Filter object lifecycles by prefix and tags
  • Manage Deployments
    • Expand an existing deployment
    • Decommission a server pool
    • Upgrade a deployment
  • MinIO Client
    • Set up an alias
    • Create and configure buckets
    • Manipulate objects
    • Configure services
  • Monitoring
    • Create a watch on a bucket
    • Register a cluster with SUBNET
    • Set up SUBNET health reporting
    • View trace logs
    • Export metrics to Prometheus
    • Configure MinIO to show historical metrics
  • Recover after Failure
    • Describe the process for replacing a drive
    • Describe the process for replacing a node
    • Describe the process for replacing a site
  • Replication
    • Enable active-passive bucket replication
    • Enable active-active bucket replication
    • Deploy site replication between two or more MinIO clusters
    • Configure MinIO users with appropriate replication policies
    • Initiate batch replication
  • Retention
    • Configure governance locks
    • Configure compliance locks
    • Set a default locking policy on a bucket
    • Enable a legal hold
    • Disable a legal hold
  • Security
    • Define an authorization policy
    • Set up MinIO users and groups
    • Use LDAP for authentication
    • Connect LDAP users and groups to MinIO policies
    • Use OpenID for authentication
    • Claim policies with OpenID
  • Versioning
    • Enable versioning on a bucket
    • Create a delete marker
    • Suspend versioning on a bucket
    • Delete specific object versions

Learner Outcomes

Career growth
If you're looking for a boost in your career, a MinIO certification is an invaluable tool to position yourself as skilled at cloud native computing.
Demonstrate expertise
The MinIO certification exam focuses on the applied, real world skills most needed to administer a production deployment as identified by the MinIO Engineers who deliver customer support.
Align with industry trends
Object storage is the storage for modern workloads including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and modern data lakes. Earning a MinIO certification prepares you to capitalize on these key industry trends.

Business Outcomes

Ensure deployment success
Getting your team certified as MinIO professionals means you can rely on your team to run your MinIO deployments in the most efficient and effective way possible, helping to ensure your data storage layer is always reliable and available.
Increase data availability and protection
MinIO trained professionals understand how to build a resilient and scalable object store that protects your data from disk, server, and even data center failure. They also know how to protect data at rest and in-transit, ensuring compliance and protecting against ransomware attacks.
Increase retention
Studies have shown that allowing team members to get certified increases retention.
Validate job role competency
If you're looking to hire a MinIO administrator, requiring a MinIO certification can help you to validate candidates for your job role requirements. Candidates who successfully attain MinIO certification have proven their competency with all aspects of deploying, maintaining and scaling a MinIO deployment to meet your data storage needs.

Exam Delivery

  • Exams are delivered remotely through Prometric. Please ensure that you meet the system requirements.
  • The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions covering the subjects and tasks above.
  • Candidates will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Candidates are required to provide a photo ID when starting the exam, to verify identity.
  • Once the exam has been completed, candidates will receive notification on their results.
  • Candidates who pass the exam will be sent a further email from MinIO with details on how to collect their certificate.

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