Code Success with MinIO

The developer course for MinIO provides the foundation and best practices to develop on or integrate with MinIO.

MinIO Developer Training Course (MN127)


Learn to connect to MinIO object storage with custom code that can scale from a simple proof of concept to public and private clouds and to the edge.

Course Description

Application developers, full stack engineers, application architects will learn the core skills to develop custom code and applications that can leverage and enhance MinIO object storage. By the end of the course developers will be ready to build apps with MinIO object storage using the MinIO SDK, and the S3 API. Full stack engineers will have the knowledge and skills to build custom webhooks for event handling and object transforms.

Job Roles

Application developers and operators.


  • Basic knowledge of AWS S3 and the S3 API
  • Basic knowledge of the Linux environment including using the command line and shell scripting
  • Experience coding in any modern object oriented programming language
  • Knowledge of Python coding helpful but not required

Course Length

3 Days

Three Day Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to MinIO
  • Module 2: File, Block and Object Storage
  • Module 3: Connecting to MinIO
  • Module 4: Security Token Services
  • Module 5: Data Upload and Retrieval
  • Module 6: Manipulating Objects
  • Module 7: Versioning
  • Module 8: Lifecycle Management
  • Module 9: Object Retention
  • Module 10: Event Handling
  • Module 11: Transforms with Object Lambda
  • Module 12: Legacy Application Support

Lab Environment

Students will engage in hands-on labs throughout the course. Depending on the content being covered and customer requirements, the initial labs will be completed locally on the student system or through MinIO’s online interface.

Business Outcomes

Students completing this course will possess the skills to leverage MinIO object storage resources to improve application performance, scalability and portability across deployment architectures. Students can use their knowledge to create or transition existing workloads to MinIO object storage, such as analytics, data lake / data warehouse, and ETL pipelines.

Learner Outcomes

Students will be able to connect applications to MinIO object storage via the S3 API.

Inter- and Post-Training Support

Students will use MinIO SUBNET for posting questions, comments, or follow-ups during and after the training. MinIO engineers can engage directly with students to provide additional information or resolution to ongoing queries. SUBNET is a key part of customer success both during and after training.


  • Live, virtual training
  • Maximum of 15 students
  • Delivered by a MinIO accredited instructor
  • Scheduling typically requires 4-6 weeks lead time
  • PDF course materials for each student
  • Delivered in 3 hour modules, 1 or 2 per day per customer choice
  • Ability to escalate questions to MinIO technical leadership

Tailoring and Customization

  • Clients are welcome to pare down, or tailor, the course to meet their needs
  • Creation of custom content not in the outline provided is available on a fee-basis

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