mc replicate rm

Changed in version RELEASE.2022-12-24T15-21-38Z: mc replicate rm replaces the mc admin bucket remote rm command. Removing the replication automatically removes the underlying remote target.


The mc replicate rm command removes a replication rule from a MinIO bucket.

The mc replicate remove command has equivalent functionality to mc replicate rm.


The following command removes the replication rule with specified id from the mydata bucket on the myminio MinIO deployment:

mc replicate rm --id "c76um9h4b0t1ijr36mug" myminio/mydata

The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBALFLAGS] replicate rm     \
                 --id "string"    \
                 [--all --force]  \
  • Brackets [] indicate optional parameters.

  • Parameters sharing a line are mutually dependent.

  • Parameters separated using the pipe | operator are mutually exclusive.

Copy the example to a text editor and modify as-needed before running the command in the terminal/shell.



Required the alias of the MinIO deployment and full path to the bucket or bucket prefix from which to remove the replication rule. For example:

mc replicate rm --id "ID" myminio/mybucket

Required Specify the unique ID for a configured replication rule.

You can omit this option if specifying --all


Optional Removes all replication rules on the specified bucket. Requires specifying the --force flag.


Optional Required if specifying --all .

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.


Remove a Replication Rule from a Bucket

Use mc replicate rm to remote a bucket replication rule:

mc replicate rm --id "ID" ALIAS/PATH
  • Replace ID with the unique ID of the replication rule to remove. Use mc replicate ls to list all replication rules for the bucket.

  • Replace ALIAS with the alias of the MinIO deployment.

  • Replace PATH with the path to the bucket or bucket prefix.

Remove All Replication Rules from a Bucket

Use mc replicate rm to list bucket replication rules:

mc replicate rm --all --force ALIAS/PATH
  • Replace ALIAS with the alias of the MinIO deployment.

  • Replace PATH with the path to the bucket or bucket prefix.


Removing Replication Rules Does Not Affect Replicated Objects

Removing one or all replication rule for a bucket does not remove any objects already replicated under those rule(s).

Use The command or mc rb commands to remove replicated objects on the remote target. You can identify replicated objects using the X-Amz-Replication-Status metadata field where the value is REPLICA. Buckets which contain objects from multiple replication sources may require additional care and filtering to determine the source prior to removal.

S3 Compatibility

The mc commandline tool is built for compatibility with the AWS S3 API and is tested with MinIO and AWS S3 for expected functionality and behavior.

MinIO provides no guarantees for other S3-compatible services, as their S3 API implementation is unknown and therefore unsupported. While mc commands may work as documented, any such usage is at your own risk.