mc ping


The mc ping command performs a liveness check on a specified target.

The following sends a response request to the target(s) and outputs the minimum, maximum, average, and roundtrip times of the response, as well as the number of errors encountered when processing the request.

mc ping play --count 5

The command pings the deployment at the alias play for five cycles. The output resembles the following:

1:   min=213.00ms   max=213.00ms   average=213.00ms   errors=0   roundtrip=213.00ms
2:   min=67.15ms    max=213.00ms   average=140.07ms   errors=0   roundtrip=67.15ms
3:   min=67.15ms    max=213.00ms   average=115.85ms   errors=0   roundtrip=67.41ms
4:   min=61.26ms    max=213.00ms   average=102.20ms   errors=0   roundtrip=61.26ms
5:   min=61.26ms    max=213.00ms   average=95.03ms    errors=0   roundtrip=66.36ms

The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBALFLAGS] ping                       \
                 TARGET                     \
                 [--count, -c value]        \
                 [--error-count, -e value]  \
                 [--interval, -i value]     \
                 [--distributed, -a value]
  • Brackets [] indicate optional parameters.

  • Parameters sharing a line are mutually dependent.

  • Parameters separated using the pipe | operator are mutually exclusive.

Copy the example to a text editor and modify as-needed before running the command in the terminal/shell.



The full path to the alias or prefix where the command should run.


Specify the number of times to perform the check.

If not specified, the liveness check performs continuously until stopped.


Specify a number of errors to receive before exiting.

For example, to stop the ping process after receiving five errors, use

mc ping TARGET -e 5

New in version RELEASE.2023-05-30T22-41-38Z.

Exit after the first successful check.


The length of time in seconds to wait between requests.

By default, the command waits 1 second between requests.


Send requests to all servers in the MinIO cluster.


Use this option for distributed deployments where you have direct access to each node or pod. This flag does not work when nodes are placed behind a service, such as a load balancer.

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.


Return Latency and Liveness for 5 Requests

The following command sends a liveness check for a deployment with the alias myminio five times, outputs the result of each check, then ends.

mc ping myminio --count 5

Send Liveness Checks Repeatedly with 5 Minute Wait Between Each Request

The following command sends continuous liveness check requests with an interval of 5 minutes (300 seconds) between each request.

mc ping myminio --interval 300

End Liveness Checks for Error Counts Greater Than 20

The following command sends continuous liveness checks until 20 errors have been encountered:

mc ping myminio --error-count 20