mc quota info

Changed in version RELEASE.2022-12-13T00-23-28Z: mc quota info replaced mc admin bucket quota.


The mc quota info command displays the currently configured quota for a bucket.


Retrieve Bucket Quota Configuration

Use mc quota info to retrieve the current quota configuration for a bucket:

mc quota info TARGET/BUCKET

Replace TARGET with the alias of a configured MinIO deployment. Replace BUCKET with the name of the bucket on which to retrieve the quota.


mc quota info has the following syntax:

mc quota info TARGET

mc quota info supports the following arguments:


The full path to the bucket for which the command creates the quota. Specify the alias of the MinIO deployment as a prefix to the path. For example:

mc quota play/mybucket

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.

S3 Compatibility

The mc commandline tool is built for compatibility with the AWS S3 API and is tested with MinIO and AWS S3 for expected functionality and behavior.

MinIO provides no guarantees for other S3-compatible services, as their S3 API implementation is unknown and therefore unsupported. While mc commands may work as documented, any such usage is at your own risk.