mc license update


mc license update requires MinIO Client version RELEASE.2023-11-20T16-30-59Z. While not strictly required, best practice keeps the MinIO Client version in alignment with the MinIO Server version.

If for any reason you cannot upgrade your MinIO Client to the required version or later for the purpose of registering to SUBNET, register using the MinIO Console instead.


Use the mc license update command to replace a license key for a deployment.

Changed in version RELEASE.2023-01-18T04-36-38Z: For deployments registered for MinIO SUBNET, MinIO automatically checks for and updates the license every month.

If not passed with the command, MinIO checks the license file on SUBNET and automatically updates it.


Update the License Key for a Deployment with Alias minio1

mc license update minio1 license.key


The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBALFLAGS] license update                   \
                         ALIAS                    \
                         [LICENSE-FILE-WITH-PATH] \



The alias of the MinIO deployment.


The path (relative to the current working directory) and file name of the key to use to update the deployment’s license.

See the troubleshooting page for instructions on downloading the license file.


Use in environments without network access to SUBNET (for example, airgapped, firewalled, or similar configuration).

If the deployment is airgapped, but the local device where you are using the minio client has network access, you do not need to use the --airgap flag.

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.