mc license register


mc license register requires MinIO Client version RELEASE.2023-11-20T16-30-59Z or later. While not strictly required, best practice keeps the MinIO Client version in alignment with the MinIO Server version.

If for any reason you cannot upgrade your MinIO Client to the required version or later for the purpose of registering to SUBNET, register using the MinIO Console instead.


The mc license register command connects your deployment with your MinIO SUBNET account.

After registration, you can upload deployment health reports directly to SUBNET using the mc support diag command.

The following example registers the minio alias with MinIO SUBNET:

mc license register minio

The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBALFLAGS] license register ALIAS                      \
                         [--airgap]                          \
                         [--api-key <string>]                \
                         [--license <path to license file>]  \
                         [--name <value>]



The alias of the MinIO deployment.


Use in environments without network access to SUBNET (for example, airgapped, firewalled, or similar configuration).

For instructions, see the airgap example.

If the deployment is airgapped, but the local device where you are using the minio client has network access, you do not need to use the --airgap flag.


API of the account on SUBNET.

Corresponds with the MC_SUBNET_API_KEY environment variable.

To find the API key:

  1. Log in to MinIO SUBNET

  2. Go to the Deployments tab

  3. Select the API Key button near the top of the page on the right side of the account statistics information box

  4. Select copy button to the right of the key field to copy the key value to your clipboard


Path to the license file to use for registering the deployment.

You must first download the license file for the account.


Specify a name other than the alias to associate to the MinIO deployment in SUBNET.

Use --name <value> replacing <value> with the name you want to use for the deployment on SUBNET.


Register a Deployment Using the Deployment’s Name

Register the MinIO deployment at alias minio1 on SUBNET, using minio1 as the deployment name:

mc license register minio1

If not already registered, a prompt asks for SUBNET credentials for the deployment.

Register a Deployment Using the Account’s License File

Register a new MinIO deployment at alias minio5 on SUBNET, using the license file downloaded for the account:

mc license register minio5 /path/to/minio.license

If not already downloaded, you can download the license file from SUBNET.

Register a Deployment with a Different Deployment Name

Register a MinIO deployment at alias minio2 on SUBNET, using second-deployment as the name:

mc license register minio2 --name second-deployment

Register a Deployment Without Direct Internet Access

Register a MinIO deployment at alias minio3 on SUBNET that does not have direct Internet access due to a firewall, airgap, or the like.

Changed in version mc: RELEASE.2022-07-29T19-17-16Z

The airgap registration process works with MinIO Client version RELEASE.2022-07-29T19-17-16Z or later. Earlier versions of the MinIO Client cannot register an airgapped deployment.

mc license register minio3 --airgap
  1. Run the command to return a registration link with token

  2. Open the copied registration link in a web browser and sign in to SUBNET

  3. Select the ? button to the right of the License number for the deployment

  4. In the popup, select the download link and save the key to a path you have access to

  5. In the command line, run the following command

    mc license update minio3 <path-to-file>

    Replace <path-to-file> with the path to the file you downloaded from SUBNET.


The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBALFLAGS] license register       \
                         ALIAS          \
                         [--name value] \

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.


Automatic License Updates

New in version RELEASE.2023-01-18T04-36-38Z.

Once registered for MinIO SUBNET, MinIO automatically checks for and updates the license every month.

In airgapped or other environments where the server does not have direct access to the internet, use mc license update with the path to the file to update the registration.