mc admin trace

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The mc admin trace command displays the results of an HTTP TRACE request against each MinIO server in a deployment.

Use mc admin on MinIO Deployments Only

MinIO does not support using mc admin commands with other S3-compatible services, regardless of their claimed compatibility with MinIO deployments.


Use mc admin trace to perform an HTTP trace of each MinIO server in the deployment:

mc admin trace ALIAS
  • Replace ALIAS with the alias of the MinIO deployment.


mc admin trace has the following syntax:

mc admin trace [FLAGS] TARGET

mc admin trace supports the following argument:


Specify the alias of a configured MinIO deployment against which the command issues HTTP TRACE requests.

--all, a

Returns all traffic on the MinIO deployment, including internode traffic between MinIO servers.


Returns verbose HTTP TRACE output.

--errors, e

Returns failed HTTP TRACE requests only.