mc admin info


The mc admin info command displays information on a MinIO server. For distributed MinIO deployments, mc admin info displays information for each MinIO server in the deployment.

New in version mc: RELEASE.2024-05-03T11-21-07Z

The command output includes information about the erasure code setting for the cluster. This displays in the output in the format EC:#.

The output of the command resembles the following:

   Uptime: 2 hours
   Version: 2024-05-10T08:24:14Z
   Network: 1/1 OK
   Drives: 4/4 OK
   Pool: 1

   1st, Erasure sets: 1, Drives per erasure set: 4

0 B Used, 3 Buckets, 0 Objects
4 drives online, 0 drives offline, EC:1


The following example assumes that the play alias exists in the mc configuration file. You can replace play with the alias for your preferred S3-compatible deployment.

See mc alias for more information on aliases.

mc admin info play


mc admin info has the following syntax:

mc admin info TARGET

Specify the alias of a configured MinIO deployment as the TARGET.