mc admin heal


The mc admin heal command scans for objects that are damaged or corrupted and heals those objects.

mc admin heal is resource intensive and typically not required even after drive failures or corruption events. Instead, MinIO automatically heals objects damaged by silent bit rot corruption, drive failure, or other issues on POST/GET. MinIO also performs periodic background object healing.

Use mc admin on MinIO Deployments Only

MinIO does not support using mc admin commands with other S3-compatible services, regardless of their claimed compatibility with MinIO deployments.


mc admin heal has the following syntax:

mc admin heal [FLAGS] TARGET

mc admin heal supports the following argument:



The full path to the bucket or bucket prefix on which the command should perform object healing. Specify the alias of a configured MinIO deployment as the prefix for the path. For example:

mc admin heal play/mybucket/myprefix

If the TARGET bucket or bucket prefix has an active healing scan, the command returns the status of that scan.

Deprecated Arguments

The following command flags have been deprecated and should only be used under guidance from MinIO Engineers in association with a SUBNET ticket.

  • --scan

    The type of scan to perform. Specify one of the following supported scan modes:

    • normal (default)

    • deep

  • --recursive, r

    Recursively scans for objects in the specified bucket or bucket prefix.

  • --dry-run

    Inspects the TARGET bucket or bucket prefix, but does not perform any object healing.

  • --force-start, f

    Force starts the healing process.

  • --force-stop, s

    Force stops the healing sequence.

  • --remove

    Removes dangling objects and data directories in the healing process not referenced by the metadata on a per-drive basis.

Healing Output Color Key

Originally, the healing mechanism output a table that used a Green-Yellow-Red-Gray color key to attempt to differentiate the status of objects in healing. These colors have been deprecated in favor of more detailed healing metrics available at the cluster level.

The following table describes the intent of each of the deprecated color keys.


Healthy, the object has all data and parity shards available as required to serve the object


Healing, the object is still in the process of healing, and there are sufficient data or parity shards available to complete the healing


Unhealthy, the object has lost one or more shards and requires healing


Unrecoverable, the object has lost too many data and/or parity shards and cannot be healed or recovered