mc support inspect

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The mc support inspect command collects the data and metadata associated to objects at the specified path. MinIO assembles this data from each backend drive storing an erasure shard for each specified object.

The command produces a zip file that includes all matching files with their respective host+drive+path.

You can export the contents to a JSON output for further analysis.

The resulting report is intended for use by MinIO Engineering via MinIO SUBNET and may contain internal or private data points associated to the object. Exercise caution before sending a report to a third party or posting the report in a public forum.


mc support inspect requires a MinIO deployment server from October 2021 or later.


The mc support commands were designed for MinIO deployments registered with MinIO SUBNET to ensure optimal outcome of diagnostics and performance testing. MinIO does not guarantee any functionality if used against non-MinIO deployments or if used independently of MinIO engineering and support.


The command suports wildcard * pattern matching for prefixes or objects.

mc support inspect ALIAS/bucket/path/**/xl.meta

This command collects all xl.meta associated to objects at ALIAS/bucket/path/.


Download Metadata for an Object

You can download the metadata for an object. Metadata stores in an xl.meta binary file.

The folloing command downloads the xl.meta from mybucket/myobject on the minio1 deployment.

The file downloads from all drives as a zip archive file.

mc support inspect minio1/mybucket/myobject/xl.meta

The contents of the xl.meta file are not human readable. You can convert the contents of an xl.meta file to JSON format.

Download All Parts of an Object as an Encrypted Zip

The following command downloads all of the constituent parts of an object with the following details:

  • MinIO deployment alias: minio1

  • Bucket: mybucket

  • Object: myobject

The file downloads as an encrypted zip file.

mc support inspect --encrypt minio1/mybucket/myobject*/*/part.*

You can decrypt the resulting zip file with the decryption tool

Download All Objects at a Prefix Recursively

The following command downloads all objects recursively found at a prefix.


This can be an expensive operation. Proceed with caution.

mc support inspect minio1/mybucket/myobject/**


The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBALFLAGS] support inspect       \
                         [--encrypt]   \
                         [--export]    \



Encrypt contents with a one-time key for confidential data.


Export inspect data as JSON or data JSON from xl.meta.

Use --export <value>, replacing <value> with either json or djson as the output type.


The alias of the MinIO deployment.

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.