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MinIO is software-defined in the way the term was meant. Our software runs on virtually any hardware configuration, providing true price/performance design flexibility to our customers.

MinIO's Recommended Configuration

MinIO is hardware agnostic and runs on a variety of hardware architectures ranging from ARM-based embedded systems to high-end x64 and POWER9 servers. However, for a large scale data storage infrastructure, we recommend the following server configurations in capacity and performance flavors.
Recommended Hardware
X86-64 or ARM64
NVMe Flash PCIe Gen 5.0 drives
Single or Dual 100 GbE NICs
256 GB or more
Linux kernel 5.x or higher
(Note: Various factors like object size, application IO profile and hardware substitutions may impact the design configuration.)

MinIO's Hardware Partners

We partner with the world's most sophisticated hardware providers. See what we recommend from their portfolios below.
MinIO is software defined and supports a variety of open standard HW platforms such as x64, ARM, S/390. You are free to choose any storage optimized server configuration. Following configurations from the prominent server vendors are just recommendations.
GrandTwin SuperServer SYS-211GT-HNTR
Minimum System Configuration
  • CPU - 1 CPU 96 Threads - Intel Xeon (Sapphire Rapids) - Q16Z/E3 SPR 8461V 48C 2.2G 97.5 MB FC-LGA16A 300W XCC
  • Memory - 128 GB DDR5-4800 (8 x 16GB)
  • Network - Dual 100GbE QSFP28, Mellanox CX-6 (Note: Only one NIC was used for this benchmark)
  • SSD Drives - 8 TiB, 16 TiB, NVMe
  • HDD Drives - 16 TiB, 18 TiB, 20 TiB HDD
  • Boot Storage - Kioxia XG6 2 TB NVMe (4X 512GB)
  • Operating System - RHEL9+ or Ubuntu 20.2+
Download PDF
Supermicro Cloud DC Server Benchmark: Download PDF
GrandTwin SuperServer SYS-211GT-HNTR
PowerEdge R760 Rack Server
2 Intel XEON CPUs and up to 24 NVMe drives per server, with 100GbE NIC.
Learn More
ProLiant DL385 Gen11
Learn More
HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11
UCS C240 M7
Dual Intel XEON CPUs, up to 24 NVMe drives per server with direct access, 100GbE NICs
Learn More
Cisco UCS C240 M7
Ultrastar Data102
Learn More
Ultrastar Data102
OpenFlex Data24 NVMe
Learn More
OpenFlex Data24 NVMe
Drive Type
NVMe (Performance Optimized)
Hardware Cost*
(Unit Price: )
*This price calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is not a quote from or on behalf of Western Digital. Any information, including any estimate, provided through this price calculator is provided “AS IS” and Western Digital hereby disclaims any warranties with respect to such information. Western Digital systems are sold on a one-time purchase basis and only through authorized resellers and distributors. The monthly cost shown is based on a 60 month amortization of estimated end-user MSRP prices for systems purchased in the United States. Illustrative prices provided by this calculator may exclude other costs, including but not limited to costs related to shipping, taxes, tariffs, Ethernet switches, and cables. Three-year parts warranty is included. Three-year 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 pm or 24x7 on-site support is additional.  Actual pricing is determined by each reseller or distributor and may differ depending on reseller, region and other factors. Western Digital will provide a referral to an authorized reseller for official quotes on request.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Systems include storage enclosures products with integrated dual server modules per system using one or two Intel® Xeon® server-class processors per module depending on the model. Please contact Western Digital for more information on system configurations. Storage capacity is approximate, may be rounded up, listed as provided (“raw”) and before data protection erasure coding is applied. Western Digital invites VARs to join the Western Digital Insider VAR program to obtain VAR pricing, training, marketing assistance and other benefits.

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