mc admin console


This command has been replaced by mc admin logs in mc RELEASE.2022-12-02T23-48-47Z.

The command was previously replaced by mc support logs show in mc RELEASE.2022-06-26T18-51-48Z.


The mc admin console command returns server log entries for each MinIO server in the deployment.

Use mc admin on MinIO Deployments Only

MinIO does not support using mc admin commands with other S3-compatible services, regardless of their claimed compatibility with MinIO deployments.


mc admin console has the following syntax:

mc admin console [FLAGS] TARGET NODENAME

mc admin console supports the following:


The alias of a configured MinIO deployment from which the command retrieves server logs.


The specific MinIO server node from which the command retrieves server logs.

--limit, l

The number of most recent log entries to show. Defaults to 10.

--type, t

The type of errog logs to return. Specify one or more of the following options as a comma-seperated , list:

  • minio

  • application

  • all (Default)