The Object Store for AI Data Infrastructure

MinIO is a high-performance, S3 compatible object store. It is built for large scale AI/ML, data lake and database workloads. It is software-defined and runs on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. MinIO is dual-licensed under open source GNU AGPL v3 and a commercial enterprise license.

Simplicity is the foundation for exascale data infrastructure - both technically and operationally. No other object store lets you go from download to production in less time.
High Performance
High Performance
MinIO is the world's fastest object store with published GETs/PUTs results that exceed 325 GiB/sec and 165 GiB/sec on 32 nodes of NVMe drives and a 100GbE network.
With a native Kubernetes operator integration, MinIO supports all the major Kubernetes distributions on public, private and edge clouds.
AI Ready
AI Ready
MinIO was built for AI and works out of the box with every major AI/ML technology. From predictive models to GenAI, MinIO delivers the performance and scalability to power the AI enterprise.

Understand the Features that Make MinIO the Industry's Most Widely Deployed Object Store


Active Active, Multi-Site Replication for Object Storage is a key requirement for mission-critical production environments. MinIO is the only vendor that offers it today. MinIO offers bucket-level granularity and supports both synchronous and near-synchronous replication depending on the architectural choices and rate of change with the data.

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In the world of object storage, strong encryption is required just to get a seat at the table. MinIO delivers more with the highest level of encryption alongside extensive optimizations that all but eliminate the overhead typically associated with storage encryption operations.

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Object Immutability

Protecting data from deletion (accidental or intentional) is a key compliance component that touches every industry. MinIO supports a complete range of functionality including object locking, retention, legal holds, governance, and compliance. MinIO’s bucket and object immutability is Veeam certified and validated by Cohasset Partners for use under SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Rule 4511, and CFTC Regulation 1.31.

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Identity + Access Management

MinIO IAM is built with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) compatibility at its core and presents that framework to applications and users no matter the environment - providing the same functionality across varying public clouds, private clouds and the edge. MinIO extends AWS IAM compatibility with support for popular external identity providers such as ActiveDirectory/LDAP, Okta and Keycloak, allowing administrators to offload identity management to their organization’s preferred SSO solution.

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Identity + Access Management

Information Lifecycle

As data continues to grow, the ability to co-optimize for access, security and economics becomes a hard requirement, not a nice-to-have. This is the role of lifecycle data management. MinIO offers a unique suite of features to protect data within and across clouds - both public and private.

MinIO’s enterprise data lifecycle management tools, including versioning, object locking and the various derivative components, satisfying multiple use cases.

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MinIO object versioning allows the retention of multiple iterations of the same object within a single bucket. When versioning is enabled, operations that would typically overwrite an existing object, such as PUT requests, instead generate a new version of the object, each assigned a unique version ID. This feature is pivotal in preventing accidental overwrites or deletions, essentially offering an "undo" capability for write operations.

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Key Management Server

Enterprise Feature

MinIO’s Enterprise Key Management Server is a highly available, operationally simple, KMS implementation. The Enterprise KMS solves the specific problem of dealing with billions of cryptographic keys that are required for per object encryption. MinIO's Enterprise KMS has the ability to deliver predictable behavior, even at the scale of hundreds of thousands of cryptographic operations per node per second while delivering high availability and fault tolerance. It supports multi-tenancy enabling each tenant to be assigned its own enclave which is completely independent and isolated from all other enclaves on the KMS cluster.

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Enterprise Feature

MinIO's Enterprise Console serves as a single pane of glass for all the organization's instances of MinIO including public clouds, private clouds, edge and colo instances. This enables enterprise customers of MinIO to manage (deploy, configure, upgrade and monitor) large scale, technologically and geographically diverse storage infrastructure from a single, intuitive location.

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Enterprise Feature

The MinIO Enterprise Catalog feature solves the problem of object storage namespace and metadata search. Using catalog, operators can index, organize and search a vast number of objects using the familiar and blazingly fast GraphQL interface. It allows administrators to know exactly what is going on with their data for any number of governance, audit, compliance or related tasks - all in real-time.

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Enterprise Feature

The MinIO Enterprise Firewall feature is purpose-built for the data. Unlike traditional firewalls which are IP based or application oriented, the MinIO Enterprise Firewall is designed for the scale of an object store with the awareness of S3 to facilitate rules that make sense for the enterprise administrator from TLS termination, load balancing, access control and QOS capabilities at object level granularity.

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Enterprise Feature

The MinIO Enterprise Cache feature operates as a caching service that uses server DRAM memory to create a distributed shared cache for ultra high performance workloads. Purpose-built for MinIO object storage - applications requesting objects don’t have to do anything, it will just work once enabled or configured providing full data persistence.

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Enterprise Feature

MinIO’s Enterprise Observability suite is a complete, data infrastructure-centric collection of metrics, audit logs, error logs and traces. This allows administrators to view all system components (OS, CPU, memory, drives, network) across every instance, cluster and erasure code set. With object-level granularity and awareness of the entire hardware stack, it delivers mission-critical information to those who need to keep the world running smoothly.

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S3 Compatibility

S3 compatibility is a hard requirement for cloud-native applications. MinIO is unyielding in its adherence to the API and with tens of thousands of users - both commercial and community - MinIO’s S3 implementation is the most widely tested and implemented alternative to AWS S3 in the world.

One of the earliest adopters of the S3 API (both V2 and V4) and one of the only storage companies to focus exclusively on S3, MinIO’s massive community ensures that no other AWS alternative is more compatible. MinIO is also one of the few companies to support S3 Select.

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S3 Compatibility

Enterprise Class, AI-Ready Object Storage for Every Cloud

To succeed with AI, you start with data and data infrastructure. MinIO's scalable and high performance object store serves as the data foundation for the industry - from Kubeflow to PyTorch. Open Source, powerful and fast, MinIO is the most widely used technology in the AI data infrastructure space.

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What is MinIO?

Trusted by the World’s Leading Data Enterprises

From the Fortune 100 to emerging startups, MinIO serves as a foundational component for modern data lakes and AI data infrastructure.

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What our customers are saying

True Multi-Cloud Storage

Multi-cloud object storage allows enterprises to build data infrastructure that is compatible with S3 on any cloud. The result is a consistent, portable interface to your data and applications - meaning you can run anywhere, from the edge to the public cloud without changing a line of code.

Public Cloud
Powered by Kubernetes, MinIO delivers scalable, secure, S3 compatible object storage to every public cloud. Free yourself from vendor lock in and treat the cloud for what it is - commodity compute, networking and drives.
Private Cloud
From OpenShift to Tanzu, MinIO is the only object store to be a foundational part of the infrastructure for leading Kubernetes distributions. With its massive portfolio of integrated applications MinIO completes the software-defined picture.
MinIO has powered the leased infrastructure market since its inception, delivering throughput performance for large scale data infrastructure. With MinIO, Kubernetes and the leased infrastructure, enterprises get the benefit of public cloud infrastructure with the control of the private cloud.
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The Edge
At less than 100 MB for the full binary, MinIO multi-cloud storage is capable of powering object storage anywhere - from ARM SOCs, 5G POPs and edge caching devices to mini-datacenters. It is why MinIO dominates the edge storage market.
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The World's Fastest Growing Object Storage System

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