Bucket Notifications Settings

This page covers settings that control behavior related to MinIO bucket notifications.

You can establish or modify settings by defining:

  • an environment variable on the host system prior to starting or restarting the MinIO Server. Refer to your operating system’s documentation for how to define an environment variable.

  • a configuration setting using mc admin config set.

  • a configuration setting using the MinIO Console’s Administrator > Settings pages.

If you define both an environment variable and the similar configuration setting, MinIO uses the environment variable value.

Some settings have only an environment variable or a configuration setting, but not both.


Each configuration setting controls fundamental MinIO behavior and functionality. MinIO strongly recommends testing configuration changes in a lower environment, such as DEV or QA, before applying to production.

Sync Events


api sync_events

Enables synchronous bucket notifications.

Specify on to direct MinIO to wait until the remote target returns success on receipt of an event before processing further events.

Defaults to off, or asynchronous bucket notifications where MinIO does not wait for the remote target to return success on receipt of an event.

Supported Notification Targets

Notifications require a target to receive the events. MinIO supports a variety of possible targets. Settings for each target type have their own pages. Select the appropriate link below for the type of target you use for notifications.