ILM Settings

This page covers settings that control Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) for the MinIO process.

You can establish or modify settings by defining:

  • an environment variable on the host system prior to starting or restarting the MinIO Server. Refer to your operating system’s documentation for how to define an environment variable.

  • a configuration setting using mc admin config set.

  • a configuration setting using the MinIO Console’s Administrator > Settings pages.

If you define both an environment variable and the similar configuration setting, MinIO uses the environment variable value.

Some settings have only an environment variable or a configuration setting, but not both.


Each configuration setting controls fundamental MinIO behavior and functionality. MinIO strongly recommends testing configuration changes in a lower environment, such as DEV or QA, before applying to production.

Expiration Workers

ilm expiration_workers

New in version MinIO: Server RELEASE.2024-03-03T17-50-39Z

Set the number of workers to use for expiring objects. Valid values are 1 to 500.

The default value is 100.