MinIO Kubernetes Plugin


Current Stable Version is 5.0.15

This reference documentation reflects 5.0.15 of the MinIO Kubernetes Operator and kubectl minio plugin.

The kubectl minio plugin brings native support for deploying MinIO tenants to Kubernetes clusters using the kubectl CLI. Use kubectl minio to deploy a MinIO tenant with little to no interaction with YAML configuration files.

Kubernetes Orchestration with the MinIO Operator facilitates automated deployment of MinIO clusters.

Installing kubectl minio implies installing the MinIO Kubernetes Operator.


The MinIO Kubernetes Plugin requires Kubernetes 1.19.0 or later.

The following code downloads the latest stable version 5.0.15 of the MinIO Kubernetes Plugin and installs it to the system $PATH.

This procedure uses the Kubernetes krew plugin manager for installing the MinIO Kubernetes Operator and Plugin.

See the krew installation documentation for specific instructions.

kubectl krew update
kubectl krew install minio
wget -O kubectl-minio
chmod +x kubectl-minio
mv kubectl-minio /usr/local/bin/

You can access the plugin using the kubectl minio command. Run the following command to verify installation of the plugin:

kubectl minio version


kubectl minio has the following subcommands: