Delete a MinIO Tenant


MinIO Kubernetes Operator

This procedures on this page requires a valid installation of the MinIO Kubernetes Operator and assumes the local host has a matching installation of the MinIO Kubernetes Operator. This procedure assumes the latest stable Operator, version 5.0.15.

See Deploy the MinIO Operator for complete documentation on deploying the MinIO Operator.

Tenant Persistent Volume Claims

The delete behavior of each Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) generated by the Tenant depends on the Reclaim Policy of its bound Persistent Volume (PV):

  • For recycle or delete policies, the command deletes the PVC.

  • For retain, the command retains the PVC.


Deletion of the underlying PV, whether automatic or manual, results in the loss of any objects stored on the MinIO Tenant.

Perform all due diligence in ensuring the safety of stored data prior to deleting the Tenant.

Procedure (Operator Console)

  1. From the Operator Console view, select the Tenant to open the summary view, then select Pools. Select Delete.

  2. Enter the Tenant name in the confirmation dialog to confirm you want to delete this Tenant. To delete the Tenant’s associated volumes, toggle Delete Volumes to ON.

  3. Select Delete.