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The MinIO Subscription Network (SUBNET for short) is a simple, yet powerful software stack that ensures commercial customers are getting the very best out of their MinIO instances. SUBNET is priced on capacity - just like cloud storage and comes in two configurations, Standard and Enterprise.

SUBNET combines a commercial license with a unique support model that delivers 24/7/365 direct-to-engineer support through a MinIO-built portal that blends the best of Slack and Zendesk.

The commercial license relieves the obligations associated with the GNU AGPL v3 license. This includes the copy-left provision and other provisions that the enterprise may find problematic. That worry free license, however, is just part of the value proposition of SUBNET.


Everyone knows MinIO is the world’s fastest object storage, but only SUBNET customers have access to MinIO engineers to collaboratively assess results of our automated speedtest suite and recommend performance optimizations. Speedtest is built into MinIO and automatically load tests clusters to determine if there are gaps between expected and actual performance. Used in conjunction with the rest of SUBNET, commercial customers have the fastest, most thoroughly optimized instances of MinIO in production.


SUBNET is specifically designed for real time issue resolution in the fast paced mission-critical DevOps-centric world. Accordingly, all SUBNET interactions are direct-to-engineer. No escalations are required. This speeds resolution and eliminates friction.


SUBNET replaces traditional ticketing systems with real-time collaboration between our customers and MinIO’s engineering team. The secure communication channel allows for the exchange of logs and certified software binaries, and each conversation is stored so it may be referenced later. Using this approach, MinIO guides customers through critical bug fixes, security patches and other optimizations for their production instances.


Issues don’t disappear in MinIO, they evolve. With rich search capabilities, conversations build and evolve. If a new issue is needed, create one seamlessly. If an existing conversation fits - add to it. MinIO engineers are on the other end every time.


MinIO is priced on capacity and includes an unlimited number of seats. This approach ensures that developers, IT, security teams and support personnel - can all participate. Further, in order to deliver the most frictionless experience, there is no limit on the number of issues that can be raised or by whom. We encourage our clients to add everyone relevant to the platform to optimize their investment in MinIO.


Designed for critical issues impacting production, MinIO built the Panic Button for its clients. Pressing the panic button brings to bear the entire MinIO engineering organization within seconds – 24/7/365.


The combination of MinIO Console and SUBNET provides a single touchpoint for everything MinIO related. SUBNET customers leverage MinIO Console to share logs and results of built-in diagnostics with MinIO engineers. There’s no need to manage multiple logins or learn a new set of commands. Documentation is readily accessible via MinIO Console.


SUBNET Health provides a graphical user interface to key supportability components while automatically running dozens of checks on your MinIO instance to ensure it is running optimally. SUBNET Health catalogs every component from hardware to software to ensure consistency within any given pool and flagging those instances where there are discrepancies. Within these categories, many performance or integration issues can be quickly identified. This speeds root cause analysis and remediation.


MinIO knows MinIO better than anyone. With more than 16K Slack members we have seen an immense diversity of issues and tackled them all, from Splunk SmartStores performance optimization to Raspberry Pi’s. Under the Enterprise plan MinIO experts will work with customers to review architecture and test performance while identifying opportunities for improvement. In addition, the security team at MinIO will review instances for any potential security vulnerabilities.


Enterprise clients receive security and bug fixes for MinIO releases going back five years. This gives our largest production clients the confidence to use MinIO to drive their most mission-critical workloads.


MinIO uses rigorous internal software processes and feedback from our massive global community to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities and production impacting bugs. SUBNET customers get customized attention on how to adopt security patches and adapt to the constantly changing security landscape.

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SUBNET Datasheet
SUBNET Datasheet
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Introducing SUBNET Health
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What is in the MinIO Subscription Network?
What is in the MinIO Subscription Network?
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