Deploy MinIO Through AKS

1.Deploy MinIO Object Storage from the marketplace

Field Description Required
Resource Group A resource group is a collection of resources Required
Email Your email address Required
Application name Your chosen application name Required
Managed Resource Group Prefilled by Microsoft Azure Required

Note: Remember the managed resource group name as you will need it in 2.2.

2.Deploy a new MinIO cluster:

2.1.Create a MinIO tenant from the management portal:

Note: Remember the VMs count and the VM size as you will need them in 2.2.

2.2.Create VMs for the new cluster:

az login
az aks nodepool add \ 
    —cluster-name minioaks \ 
    —name <choose-a-node-pool-name> \ 
    —resource-group <managed-resource-group> \ 
    —node-count <vm-count> \ 
    —node-vm-size <vm-size>
Please make sure you have enough CPU cores quota before deploying the application. Read more about it at

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