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Join the MinIO Subscription Network and get a commercial license, the SUBNET support experience and access to SUBNET Health. Designed to secure production deployments a subscription delivers security, resiliency and operational efficiency.

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The MinIO Subscription Network provides exclusive benefits across licensing, operations and support. See the pricing table below for more information.

Up to 10PB (per site). No additional charges for capacity over 10PB (per site).
Up to 5PB (per site). No additional charges for capacity over 5PB (per site).
100% Open Source:
Software Release
Update to Latest
1 Year Long Term Support
5 Years Long Term Support
<48 Hours
<1 Hour
Public Slack Channel + Github Issues
24x7 L4 Direct Engineering
Support via SUBNET
24x7 L4 Direct Engineering
Support via SUBNET
Critical Security and Bug Detection
Continuous Scan and Alert
Continuous Scan and Alert
Panic Button
1 per year
Health Diagnostics (Call Home)
Annual Architecture Review
Annual Performance Review
Security + Policy Review
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Why Our Customers Buy

Commercial License

A commercial license ensures that subscribers do not have to concern themselves with the obligations associated with GNU AGPL v3. The commercial license grants additional privileges without many of the restrictions associated with open source licenses. In addition to the peace of mind of a commercial license, subscribers also get the benefits associated with MinIO’s open source philosophy - namely freedom from lock-in, freedom to inspect and the comfort of knowing there is a massive community committed to hardening the product.

Technical Expertise

The team at MinIO has a remarkable set of technical capabilities that become available to members of the MinIO Subscription Network. With decades of software-defined storage experience, years of working together and the rigor demanded by an open source model, MinIO can quickly and efficiently address the technical challenges of our customers. MinIO employs a unique approach, providing direct, 24/7 access to our engineers via the SUBNET portal. This speeds resolution time but also brings a broader perspective - often identifying issues before they become problems.

Production Assurance

The number one reason cited by our customers for subscribing to the software is their move to production. While MinIO prides itself on performance and simplicity, production deployments of MinIO are invariably mission-critical and touch a number of different technologies. When our customers reach this point, MinIO means too much to the overall health of the business not to have the assurance of a commercial relationship, the expertise we bring, the guaranteed response time and the efficiency of a direct-to-engineer engagement model.

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At the heart of the Subscription Network is a modern support platform (SUBNET) that replaces traditional ticketing systems with real-time collaboration between your infrastructure team and MinIO’s engineering team. SUBNET provides a secure communication channel to exchange logs and certified software binaries. As a result, through SUBNET, MinIO can guide its customers through critical bug fixes, security patches and other optimizations for their production instances. It is specifically designed for fast paced devops-centric infrastructure where issues need to be resolved in real time.

MinIO Subscription Network FAQs

Open Source/Commercial License

Is MinIO offering a hosted service or software?

MinIO sells a commercial license to its software-defined storage product which in turn comes with support delivered through SUBNET.

MinIO does not operate a hosted object storage service.

Deployments of MinIO are typically on-premises, private cloud instances. Customers provision their own hardware - architected for the specific use case they intend to support in production. Information on suggested hardware can be found here.

What hardware do you recommend for MinIO?

For production workloads, MinIO has recommended capacity and performance configurations from Seagate, Dell, Cisco, Supermicro and Western Digital. Many of our customers also run on bare metal options like Packet. MinIO is happy to consult with your teams to determine the correct configuration for your use case. Reach out to us on or complete the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

Where can I purchase the hardware?

MinIO is happy to put you in contact with our hardware partners or with select resellers with whom we have worked. Reach out to us on or complete the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

What is MinIO's commitment to Open Source?

At MinIO, we firmly believe in the philosophy of Open Source and collaborative development. Our entire software stack is licensed under two Open Source licenses, the Apache License Version 2 and the Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3). To understand more, we recommend visiting our Compliance Page.

Who actually owns and controls MinIO upstream?

What are the licensing options available for the MinIO object storage suite?

Why should I choose a Commercial license when an Open Source license is available?

Why should I pay for Open Source?

How should I choose between Open Source/Community, Standard and Enterprise?

Can I continue to use my commercial license after it has expired?

Do I need to worry about GNU AGPLv3 when using a commercially licensed version of MinIO?

I’m not sure if I am in compliance with the Open Source licensing scheme. I am confused with Open Source licensing. What should I do?

How does MinIO calculate capacity? Is it based on used or total raw capacity?

Do you charge for the redundant copies (erasure-code parity data)?

How does MinIO charge in the case of active-active, multi-site replication deployments?

How does MinIO charge for active-passive multi-site replication deployments?

Does MinIO charge for the capacity of a disaster recovery site?

How does MinIO calculate capacity charges when object versioning is enabled?

How does the ceiling function work?

Can I only have a subscription for a subset of my MinIO deployments?

Can I mix and match plans?

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

How do I upgrade my subscription plan?

What happens to my billing when my capacity reduces?

How many "seats" or employees can access SUBNET through a subscription?

Is there a limit on the number of MinIO deployments covered by a subscription?

How do I manage my subscription?

How secure is SUBNET?

How does a subscription address the security of my MinIO deployment?

What data is stored in SUBNET?

Can I subscribe without connecting my MinIO deployments to SUBNET?

What is the Panic button?

Is support included with the subscription?

What forms of payment do you accept?

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