Minio SUBNET is a subscription network for production deployments of Minio object storage.

Minio object storage suite

Full-featured Minio Object Storage suite (server, gateway, client, SDKs) with access to complete source code under Apache v2 license. Open source license gives customers the freedom to innovate and avoid vendor lock-ins.

New features

As part of the Minio subscription, customers will receive significant releases and new features at no extra charge.

Security updates and bug fixes

Avoid costly incidents through timely security updates and bug fixes, individually tracked and prioritized for your environment.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Minio SUBNET securely monitors your server logs for issues and proactively generates trouble tickets for engineering support review. Optionally, receive alerts via SMS and email.

Private continuous integration and continuous delivery

Operate your cloud storage similar to the public cloud environment with a personalized CI/CD schedule. Extend our test environment with application-specific tests and catch bugs earlier.

Real-time engineering support

Directly chat with the level 3/4 engineering support anytime (24 x 7 x 365) and receive the fastest resolution to your support incidents.