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Bring AWS S3 Compatibility to Azure and Deliver on the Promise of Multi-Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a superb product with a powerful suite of enterprise features and AI/ML/Analytical frameworks. One drawback, however, is that Azure Blob does not natively speak the S3 API. Given the ubiquity of S3 in the cloud native world, MinIO stepped forward and developed an S3 to Blob gateway that works with any application - right out of the box. MinIO writes objects atomically (strict read after write consistency), enabling applications to use both Blob and Amazon S3 API to concurrently access data.

Our results: a fully integrated Azure Blob & S3 compatible object store

  1. Objects stored using MinIO are accessible via S3 API if they go through the MinIO gateway.
  2. Objects stored using MinIO are accessible via Azure Blob API if the application uses the Azure Blob API directly.
  3. Applications can seamlessly move between AWS S3, Azure Blob and Private Cloud using a single API.

Analyze data with 360 degree visibility

Fully utilize Azure with S3 integration from MinIO

With Blob storage integration, MinIO enables data access for other Azure services like Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, PowerBI, and Search.

Improve Azure Blob performance with edge caching

MinIO Azure gateway can also be deployed at the edge, where it significantly improves the performance and availability of Azure Blob Storage while reducing the cloud usage costs.

Scale up to meet high availability needs

MinIO gateway can scale elastically due to its share-nothing architecture. To deliver high availability for production use cases, MinIO has engineered its gateway to be lightweight while delivering exceptional throughput and latency.

Use your Azure credentials with single sign on

MinIO's managed service gateway on Azure is fully integrated into your Azure account and you can use the same credentials and billing for this capability. Your AWS S3 applications can use the same Azure credentials to use the storage accounts using endpoint. This level of integration is unique to MinIO.

Continuous sync between Amazon S3 and Azure

MinIO can migrate or keep objects in sync between Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage or MinIO object storage continuously using Lambda compute notifications.

Activate multi-cloud support for storage infrastructure

MinIO enables applications to adopt public cloud, private cloud or enterprise storage infrastructure with one converged Amazon S3 API.

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