mc support logs enable

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Use the mc support logs enable command to allow real-time MinIO logs to upload to MinIO SUBNET.

Uploading logs requires registration to SUBNET. The uploading feature remains disabled by default until explicitly enabled for a deployment on an opt-in only basis. You can then disable the feature at any time with mc support logs disable.


The mc support commands were designed for MinIO deployments registered with MinIO SUBNET to ensure optimal outcome of diagnostics and performance testing. MinIO does not guarantee any functionality if used against non-MinIO deployments or if used independently of MinIO engineering and support.


By default, MinIO does not scrub the logs uploaded to SUBNET.

To hide sensitive information in the logs, start the server with the --anonymous flag. MinIO employs an aggressive scrubbing algorithm which may produce logs with reduced visibility into the deployment. MinIO Engineering may later request unredacted logs if required for ongoing support cases.


Enable Automatic Upload of MinIO Logs to SUBNET

The following command starts sending the MinIO deployment’s server logs to SUBNET for the alias minio1.

mc support logs enable minio1


The command has the following syntax:

mc [GLOBAL FLAGS] support logs enable ALIAS

Global Flags

This command supports any of the global flags.