mc admin obd


The mc admin obd command generates detailed diagnostics for the target MinIO deployment as a GZIP compressed JSON file. MinIO Support may request the output of mc admin obd as part of troubleshooting and diagnostics.

mc admin obd names the file using the following pattern:


The alias is the TARGET MinIO deployment from which mc admin obd returned the diagnostics.

The mc admin obd output may contain sensitive information about your environment. Exercise all possible precautions, such as redacting sensitive fields, prior to sharing the data on any public forum.

Use mc admin on MinIO Deployments Only

MinIO does not support using mc admin commands with other S3-compatible services, regardless of their claimed compatibility with MinIO deployments.


mc admin obd has the following syntax:

mc admin obd [FLAGS] TARGET

mc admin obd supports the following arguments:



The alias of a configured MinIO deployment from which the command retrieves the diagnostic data.


The maximum duration the command can run. Specify a string as ##h##m##s. Defaults to 1h0m0s.