kubectl minio tenant report


Command Requires MinIO Operator

Use the following command to validate that the operator is online and available prior to running this command:

kubectl get deployments -A --field-selector

Issue the kubectl minio init command to initiate the operator if it is not already running in the Kubernetes cluster.

Saves pod logs from the MinIO Tenant and its associated resources.

The logs output to a zip archive file.

When unzipped, the contents include three files for each pool:

  • JSON formatted file listing events

  • JSON formatted file listing the status

  • Human readable log file

The folder also contains the yaml file for the tenant in TENANT_NAME.yaml


The following example creates a MinIO Tenant in the namespace minio-tenant-1 consisting of 4 MinIO servers with 8 drives each and a total capacity of 32Ti.

kubectl minio tenant report                        \
                     TENANT1                       \
                     --namespace minio-namespace

The command has the following syntax:

kubectl minio tenant report      \
                     TENANT_NAME \


The command supports the following flags:


The name of the MinIO tenant to expand.


The namespace in which to look for the MinIO Tenant.