kubectl minio tenant info


Command Requires MinIO Operator

Use the following command to validate that the operator is online and available prior to running this command:

kubectl get deployments -A --field-selector

Issue the kubectl minio init command to initiate the operator if it is not already running in the Kubernetes cluster.

Displays information on a MinIO Tenant, including but not limited to:

  • The total capacity of the Tenant

  • The version of MinIO server and MinIO Console running on the Tenant

  • The configuration of each Pool in the Tenant.


The following example retrieves the information of the MinIO Tenant minio-tenant-1 in the namespace minio-namespace-1.

kubectl minio tenant info                          \
                     minio-tenant-1                \
                     --namespace minio-namespace-1

The command has the following syntax:

kubectl minio tenant info          \
                     TENANT_NAME   \


The command supports the following flag:


The namespace in which to look for the MinIO Tenant.

Defaults to minio.