Private Cloud Storage

Minio is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for
large-scale private cloud infrastructure. Minio is widely deployed across the
world with over docker pulls.

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Build data rich applications with
DC/OS and Minio

  • One click installation with Mesosphere Universe package

    Provision object storage within minutes, from Mesosphere Universe web interface.

  • Turn DC/OS Persistent Volumes into Amazon S3 compatible object store

    Cloud-native applications written for Amazon S3 can now freely move to other public and private clouds, without rewrite.

  • Manage multi-tenant cloud storage with DC/OS

    Minio leverages DC/OS to efficiently orchestrate storage resources across racks, the same way as computing resources. This allows Minio to scale across a large number of tenants while retaining its simplicity and familiarity.

  • Store application data as objects

    Stateful applications generate a lot of data like snapshots, videos, artifacts, and logs. Minio stores them as objects, accessible via Amazon S3 REST API.

minio for dc/os

Minio Object Storage for DC/OS

Minio uses Persistent storage in DC/OS clusters to store data. At the time of deployment, Minio server requests for disk space and memory. DC/OS fulfills the request by mapping it to matching available storage. Even if a Minio container goes down, DC/OS makes sure the PV mapped to it, follows to the new node where replacement Minio container is getting deployed.

When deployed using the universe package, Minio can be accessed using any of the Marathon-LoadBalancer public agent's IP addresses and port 9000 (default).